Varanasi at last!

My twelve-hour journey to Varanasi at almost eight months of pregnancy

So we took the train on 23 February. I had been apprehending the journey a little, but everything went smoothly. The only few bad minutes were on the last kilometre of the road to the Khajuraho train station which becomes pretty bumpy. Sitting on that wobbly rickshaw was clearly not good for my belly, but thankfully it didn’t last long at all. On the train everything was alright, as I secured my belly tucking a pillow under it as I laid down on my side, and I even slept quite a lot. I had ‘told’ Baby to stay up during the journey, and it felt like s/he had listened to me. S/he kept quiet most of the way, just moving a little as though to let me know s/he was doing fine… And once in Varanasi, we didn’t take a rickshaw to our flat but a comfortable taxi with shock absorbers!

Sedentary life around Assi Ghat & catching up with friends while waiting for Baby

Pregnancy in India: month 9

Pregnancy in India: month 9

And so we’ve been here for six days already. Now I won’t ever venture on a rickshaw in the crazy Varanasi traffic until Baby comes, walking anywhere I go – only up to Lanka or to Shivala, maximum one kilometre up or down the road. And of course along the river Ganges. I haven’t managed to get myself out of bed early enough to see concerts at sunrise though! Maybe I will, maybe I won’t – let’s see!

My dear friend Marie finds my belly bigger already since we’ve arrived, and it’s true that I’m starting to find it quite bulky and impractical now. I have to be mindful in my movements not to squash it, and I find it uncomfortable to turn sides in bed. I also think my left ankle and foot tend to swell a little bit – so I have to raise my legs up more; although I think this is also because it’s a little hotter here than in Khajuraho. I’ve managed to practise my yoga once every other day though, and it’s still a life saviour which gives me good energy. I hope I will get back to a daily routine – up to now I’ve wanted to enjoy my time and catch up with friends! I’ve been enjoying seeing lots of people, which is very easy with Marie and her husband who are so very social, as we’ve had lots of people pass by the flat. This can be tiring, but really it’s practical and fun when I’m too lazy to venture very far!!! Yesterday I think I did a bit too much walking outside, but it was so good meeting so many friends. Now that I’ve caught up with everyone, I will probably slow down a little… Today I’m a bit lazy and enjoying working on my computer from home, mostly just sitting. And in a bit I’ll do my yoga…

Health check at the wee hospital

Alok Care Home, Assi Ghat, Varanasi

Alok Care Home, Assi Ghat, Varanasi

Oh, of course Kishan and I also went for a visit at the hospital on our second day, to meet the doctor who will assist my delivery. Kishan liked her too. She checked my file with the results of all the tests I’ve taken up to now, took my tension, felt my belly, and weighed me. I hadn’t walked onto a scale since last October, and so I finally found out that I weigh 73.4 kg – which means I have just put on 10 kg, perfect! Then I asked her if she still thought Baby would come before the due date; she said yes. “How can you tell?” I asked. She replied that she knew from the size of Baby and the shape of my uterus. She said Baby could come any time after 15 March! So soon now!!! She said everything was fine but that I had missed out the ‘glucose challenge test’. So a couple of days later we went to get it done – the blood test only cost 70 rupees (€1!) and of course I’m not diabetic. The next step will be my last ultrasound, to be done on 7th March, and then to go back to see her with the results. It’s just so good that we can walk everywhere, and that the wee hospital is just down the road from our flat!!! A miracle, really!

And I’m glad to be here, away from work and to be allowed to wear shorter skirts in our flat, not to have to change my clothes every single day to please my mother-in-law, to eat lettuce and pizza and cake and Marie’s wonderful French food. To take our meals all together as a family, unlike in Khajuraho where we eat as we please and rarely together. To see my friends. To laze about! To have more time with Kishan – and he too is happy to be on holiday…