In just five days now we’re off to Varanasi! Whoo!

I’m so looking forward to it, not just because I love Varanasi etc., but because then I will feel more free for Baby to come when s/he wants… I hope I’ll be okay on the twelve-hour journey, though shall lie down all the time and tuck a pillow underneath my belly to protect it from the wobbles of the moving train…

My healthy pregnancy vs. rural Indian women’s horrible pregnancies

I still don’t feel particularly big though, and people too say I’m not that big, for seven and a half months of pregnancy – almost eight months since my last period… And I still have no pain in my legs or back, I still sleep like a baby, I can still sleep on my back, etc. I feel so lucky with my body, whereas all I hear from pregnant women around here are horror stories. Kishan’s sister number four couldn’t eat any food without being sick for the first four months and she was in constant pain. His youngest sister is now five-month pregnant, and she too has a lot of pain in her tummy. And today, during my English class, I was showing to my female students how Baby makes my tummy move in waves. They asked me if it hurt, and when I said I had been fine throughout my pregnancy they were really surprised. One of them told me that recently one of her neighbours who wasvtwo or months pregnant was in such pain one night that she had to go to the doctor to get a pain-killer injection. Once my violin student also told me that I was weird for having no pain! Now what is it all about??? Are Indian rural women so vulnerable and used to accept their misery that they have such difficult pregnancies? Lack of education, pressure from mothers-in-law to keep doing too much housework, fasting for their deities and husbands despite being pregnant, lack of body awareness and not listening to their bodies…?

Soon, soon, soon…

Back to myself, I can’t believe the last month is so near, and Baby’s arrival could be just a month away – or a little more…

Yesterday a friend was asking me if I felt ready. “I’m not sure” I answered, although I feel like I have read and educated myself enough about birth. Now I rarely get interested by a post on the birth groups and yes, I kind of feel ready I guess – well as much as I can be I guess, since I do know I cannot possibly imagine how birth will be like – and beyond! But I’m eager to know now! I guess I’ve done everything I could, and all I have to do now is keep practising my yoga etc., listen to myself and wait for my body to give me the signals…

I don’t feel much bigger but Baby clearly has less space now and I feel him/her move more clearly. It’s so special and so much fun. Sometimes Kishan puts his hands on my tummy and the moves/kicks are so clear that he laughs and freaks out. But I feel them from the insides as well – this is definitely the best part of pregnancy.

Predictions other people have made about my pregnancy

I don’t have much else to say today, but I also wanted to write about the predictions people have done about our baby, just to remember them later…

  • Firstly, at least four or five people have told me that according to the shape of my tummy, Baby will be a boy. Round belly pointing forward. Of course I don’t know if they’re right, but I find it interesting, and both Kishan and I still just can’t imagine having a girl. I just can’t, even if I keep telling myself that Baby could be a girl and forcing myself to believe it ‘just in case’. Still, I can only picture a boy. A guest recently was telling me that she was feeling exactly the same when she was pregnant, she couldn’t imagine a girl, and she did have a boy. Is this wishful thinking or intuition?
  • And the other one was that some people have told me they thought our baby would come early… Firstly, the doctor in Varanasi – and I was only four months pregnant when she told me so I don’t know what made her say that. And an old Italian friend of our family who is a Kundalini yoga teacher and who had come to see us in September. She came to Khajuraho again two weeks ago, and she told me that as soon as she got off the taxi and saw me, she received a strong impression – or perhaps she said a message – from my body that Baby would come early. I thought “Wow!” and asked her how she could say or see that. She told me that she could read bodies… I was deeply puzzled…

But let’s see what turns out to be true. Will Baby be a boy or a girl? Will s/he arrive early? I don’t want to believe anything or anyone. I listen with an open heart and wait and see… [Later edit: Baby turned out to be a girl, but she did arrive three weeks early!]

Baby wave videos

And now another video of my tummy moving from last week.

By the way, Baby is always tucked on the right side of my tummy, so right side is bigger than the left, haha (photo from 11 Feb.)

Pregnancy in India - eighth month

Pregnancy in India – eighth month

Hm, well, I took a picture today and er, maybe I’m bigger than last week after all, ha!

Later edit: After writing this entry I went for a nap and I finally managed to make a good video of my belly-waves! I’m really glad with that one!

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