Welcome to my blog

After 11 years of living in traditional India of which 8 years married to an Indian man, I created this blog in August 2018 to write about my experience of living as a Western woman and mother in this incredible country. A year has passed, however, and I have decided to return to my own country to look for a job and send my daughter to a French school. Once settled I will do the necessary paperwork for my husband to come and join us… A whole new adventure is starting, and so (for now) I am no longer a Western mama ‘in India’!

I have kept the blog online as archive, but for now it is no longer being updated…

  • My Varanasi birth story
    Kalyani was born on 11 March 2016 at 2:21am, and this is my Varanasi birth story. Perhaps it all started on the evening of 8 March, when we found out that there would be a solar eclipse on the following day… Solar eclipse – CC0 Public Domain My Varanasi birth story … Read More
  • Traditional Indian women – their condition, beliefs and relationship to men
    Before I moved to India I did not consider myself a feminist at all. I had a very hardcore-feminist girlfriend who used to bring all our topics of conversation down to women's conditions, and she was really annoying (we actually fell out). But the condition of women in rural India is so revolting that it … Read More
  • Traditional Hindu house & number-two expedition
    This post is the edition of a text I wrote in August 2010 about my visit to one of Kishan's sisters, Lakshmi, who lives with her husband's joint family in a very non-touristic town in the heart of Madhya Pradesh. Their home is a big, old traditional Hindu house, in which perhaps seventy years ago … Read More
  • How I became aware of India, actually!
    I am not at all one of those people who have always been dreaming of coming to India for as long as they can remember. For the first twenty years of my life I hardly knew that India existed, and it would never have crossed my mind to visit it. My worst subjects at school … Read More