Welcome to my blog

My name is Vio, I’m French and I’ve been living in India for 11 years. I’m married to an Indian and I’m the proud mama of a cute little girl. I am a highly educated Western woman living with my in-laws in the heart of India, and I blog about my adventures as a Western woman and mother in traditional India because I think (and hope!) it can inspire many… Click to find out more about me.

This site is dedicated to other Western mothers and women living in India, but my guess is that it will also interest many educated Indian women as well as India-lovers, both female and male. Click to read more about this blog.

Your life and your commitment are so incredible, I am sure you will become an essential correspondent and expert of India.

Very nice! Always very exotic to read your stories!

You have some really interesting experiences to share and I’m sure your writing can also help other women who have moved to India and started a family.

You are an inspiration!

I think your choice is incredibly brave and I look forward to reading you and certainly becoming a fan.

Between emotions and laughter I discover your incredible story.

Wow, yours is a pretty unusual story!

I think the idea of western mama in India is amazing. It’s new, it’s interesting! And it makes me want to subscribe.

I have always been inspired by your energy and perseverance to stick it out. I am sure this chapter of the new blog will also unfold magically well.

I really like it. It feels like I’m here… with you.